November 16, 2011

Get The F*ck Out Of My Genre


Well, $()#%* my $)(%#, how the #$)%( did I miss this?

In an interview with the Miami New Times, Adam Mansbach, the author of the insta-classic Go The F*ck To Sleep, was asked about competition in the budding parody-childrens-book-peppered-with-profanity genre

Have you heard about this book, If You Give a Kid a Cookie, Will He Shut The F*ck Up?
That guy emailed me months ago and asked me to blurb the book. My feeling then was the same as it is now. Like: Give me a fucking break. Stop ripping my shit off. Get your own idea.
No $#%)ing kidding. Next time, try zombies, people. Or vampires.

On a related note, I would totally renew my subscription to Mad Magazine for a free copy of The Head-Giving Tree.

Adam Mansbach, Author of Go the F*ck to Sleep, on Imitators: "Stop Ripping My Shit Off" [ via the awl]


This crime was first committed by Mr. Mansbach as soon as he penned the second poem in his book. The book has some nice illustrations and clever rhymes punctuated with the same punch line over and over. His creative moment was about 5 minutes long and then he started ripping himself off to fill up a book.

heh. +1.

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