August 22, 2011

Give Big Carrot Whatever They Want


Oh man, there's so much to post, but who's got the time? Before she went out of town for work, the wife brought home a bag of fresh carrots from the farmers market.

Yeah, the kids are transfixed by the giant sizes and funny shapes, but holy crap, people, now I spend all day and night peeling carrots! Day and night, I tells ya! I may as well be tying shoelaces! Doing the laundry on a rock by the river! Setting each line of type one letter at a time!

Listen to the whiny singing version of Krauss & Johnson's smug, anti-authority classic, The Carrot Seed []


I remember feeding the kids so much mashed carrot when they were first starting on solid foods that their noses turned orange. That was funny. And since we made our own baby food, I was peeling carrots day and night, too.

Whole carrots have been our go-to teething remedy of choice.

And, god, I had that album.

At our local village fair, the missus signed us up for 'fresh, local, organic vegetable' deliveries. Now my already full schedule involves not only peeling those darn carrots, but also shelling beans and wondering what the hell to do with all the bizarre looking veg that come in the boxes.

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