February 13, 2011

We All Live In A Marketing Machine: Maclaren Yellow Submarine


In the town where this was born
live some branding agencies.
After problems with his wife,
Paul's old band's now licensing.

iTunes first, now Maclaren,
Looking for a sea of green,
And we marvel at the pimping
of their yellow submarine.

Maclaren Quest Stroller, Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller, $275, Beatles footmuff sold separately [amazon via john from wary meyers]
Previously: Imagine all the licensing: John Lennon Baby


I'm unclear on the market for these things. Who is going to buy them?

60 year old IVF patients perhaps?

Which body part do these strollers amputate?

The one I saw at Buy Buy Baby a few weeks back definitely looked like this; http://www.bing.com/shopping/yellow-submarine-stroller-denim/reviews/78D4062CA8D460B35002?q=yellow+submarine+stroller&FORM=CQ

However... upon further inspection, it appears that perhaps, it's still the same. The McClaren site does suggest that the "Chassis" reverses to a "psychodelic" pattern. It's pscyhodelic alright... and quite ugly.

Also, I could try spelling psychedelic properly... but of course, that would be no fun.

i assumed it was intentional.

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