January 11, 2011

In 'N Out Baby Gear Neither Animal Style Nor Well Done


Look, I'll be straight with you: grandparents and cousins and skiing and oceans and whatever are lovely. But deep down, pretty much any trip we take to the Western US is an In 'N Out Burger run.

Over the Christmas/New Year break, for example, on our flight out of Las Vegas, we stopped at the location on Tropicana, just west of the Strip. It's the only location I've been that has a freestanding company store, and well, hmm.


Maybe these two lonely, lame pieces of baby gear mean that all the good stuff had been snapped up already. But given the general crapitude of the rest of the t-shirt designs, I doubt it. They get points for quality, though.

Any West Coast people have an idea what can be done about this situation? Shouldn't In 'N Out have merch as awesome as its food? Or is there a secret menu for that, too?


As near as I can figure the secret menu of merch comes down to removing the "b" and the last "r" from and In-n-Out bumper sticker. Which rather than making me think of sex as intended, just made me realize that, yes, I did have an urge to go to In-n-Out.

Exactly. but on a Onesie.

i took my almost 3 year old to in-n-out for the first time today. (she ate an ENTIRE grilled cheese animal style in 5 minutes.) i was just having this exact conversation with myself today, and i came to the conclusion that the merch is for tasteless baby-boomers that live in orange county and own classic cars and got laid a lot in high school, but now they're fat, and going to in-n-out brings them back to the good old days so why not buy a t-shirt?

Went to LA for a wedding (w/o the kids) a few months ago. In town for 48 hours and had three trips to In-n-Out including a last chance stop at the one conveniently located just outside LAX. We were all business though. No chances to look at the gear.

When I was growing up (har har) my dad always commented on how long the lines were waiting for the drive through. Or, "drive thru" as it were. And there were tons of stoners with rearranged bumper stickers that read "In N Out Urge".

Anyhoo, I would give my left nut (if I had one) for an In N Out in MA. Or even New York.

And, isn't it obvious that they are still family owned and haven't been slicked up and style-guided? I find that refreshing.

WTF does "put the smile on the burger" even mean?!

Oooh! I got it! Put the hidden biblical citations on onesies, but have them on the hem or under some snaps. Then put a big red palm tree silhouette on the front!

haha, nice. on the inside of the onesie flap.

I think with In n Out, it's easy, especially for an out-of-towner like myself, to confuse the good and the cool. Because when you get right down to it, it's not cool. It IS the oddly spiffy, friendly, secret-religious, apron-nerdy, family-owned business it appears to be, so maybe it's not a surprise that their merchandise is so style-free.

have you seen their new drink cup onesie? The bible verse is on the flap!


Now there is a company who listens!

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