February 15, 2013

Sundance Onesies


It's that cold, snowy time of the year when we bring the kids to Sundance for a little skiing/snowboarding/grandparental facetime combo weekend.

And whoa, the Sundance store has had a kid-friendly makeover. There is an entire wall of baby and kid stuff, all of it painfully crafty or cute or whatever. And compared to the past, where you've been hard-pressed to find even a basic Sundance T-shirt in kid sizes, now there's a whole bucket of Sundance onesies.

They're the American Apparel organics, with a rainbow logo printed on them. Very nice.


But whatever, hippies, because 2013 Sundance Film Festival onesie! There are some shirts, too, but this was the only onesie left. 18-24months. $20. Drop me an email if you want me to personal shop it for you.

UPDATE: It's done. Enjoy!

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