March 8, 2010

This Sesame Street Licensing Project Is Brought To You By American Apparel

Abby Ca-freakin-dabby, Zoey, Elmo, Big Bird? Three of these things belong together--in a dump.


I thought the whole point of Sesame Workshop licensing their IP to American Apparel was to put hipsterish old school characters and artwork into the mix. There are a couple of classic designs, but the best babies get is a late-model Grover.

I say, Roosevelt Franklin? Roosevelt Franklin? Roosevelt Franklin, where are you?

Sesame Street printed American Apparel for babies, kids, and grups [american apparel]


I cannot say I'm totally surprised. Sesame Street Industries has constantly lowered the bar for everything they've touched for at least the last 15 years (if not more).

I won't even let my four year old watch any of the new SS. If it isn't from the mid-late 70's or early 80's (pre-Elmo, basically), it's crap.

All they really need is a massive lead paint recall to put the final nail in the coffin.

Elmo on a onesie? Thank you American Apparel for this exciting new product. Now, parents can relax knowing it will be that much easier to obtain Elmo branded clothing.

yeah, and offering her coffee

2 months ago I was in the main AA outlet outside of L.A.

I stumbled upon a bunch of CHEAP ASS silk screens of Sesame Street contemporary characters and I thought that it must have been a test run.

Now I see this and if the real thing is anything like what was at the outlet, they are horrible!

HOWEVER, I did get a few shirts featuring the vintage cast. AND AND AND AND vintage cast AA boys' undies! Zomg!

I'll take some photos and post in a bit...

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