January 10, 2011

Strong, Finnish: Sweet Molded Ply Ride-on Toy Via MidMod


So i've got a tag for molded ply, and a tag for ride-on toys, and a tag for vintage, of course. But at some point, it looks like vintage molded ply ride-on toys are gonna need a tag of their own.

MidMod Design's description for this awesome, little, unmarked Finnish molded ply scooter thing hedges a bit on the date--1950s? 1970s?--and takes an expert guess at the manufacturer--Finnish birch button, gift & toy company Aarikka.

Here's what we do know: Kristian Vedel designed his similarly shaped but much thinner chair/desk in 1952. Aarikka was founded in 1954, but it sounds like they only did buttons for a while. Creative Playthings' minimalist Playtown aircraft hangars and arch blocks followed soon after Gloria Caranica's Rocking Beauty in the mid 1960s. Which may be about the time Aarikka started producing various animal toys made out of turned birch balls [but not ply?]. The Ergo/Stokke Hippo wasn't designed by Wolfgang Rebentisch until 1993. Not even a factor.

In any case, the two most important things are clear: this ride is awesome, and it is sold.

Plywood kids toy from Finland, 1970s or 50s or whatever - SOLD [midmod-design.com]

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