February 22, 2012

What Do You Make Of This?


David John just tweeted it in passing, but suddenly, I look at Alvar Aalto's classic 1937 Tea Trolley, and I want to see it in kid gear.

What could you make of this molded birch strip, tray, solid wheel, and rattan basket vocabulary, hmm?

I mean, a changing table's the first and most obvious one right? Just get a bigger tray, maybe line it with foam instead of ceramic tiles.

But I really want to see a stroller out of this thing. Those wheels would be sweet. Maybe with a rattan seat. And that straight dowel handle. Sirch could probably figure it out.

Or turn a big wicker basket 90 degrees and set it on top of the axle for a great movable crib/cradle.

Or maybe something completely different. Any thoughts, sketches, or prototypes?

Tea Trolley 900, Alvar Aalto [artek.fi via yhbhs]

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