September 24, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Got Milk? Edition

What, you worry? Here are some stories from the worlds of parenting and pregnancy and what not to freakout over this weekend:

  • In case you're having a hard time telling breastmilk and formula apart, just remember: they don't recall 5 million cans of powdered breastmilk for possibly containing beetles and larvae. Check the lot numbers to see if your Similac [pdf] is gnarly and contaminated bug-protein-fortified. [ap/yahoo via dt reader dt;]

  • Kids are swearing more and earlier--around age 3--and it's your damn fault. On the bright [?] side, they're sticking with the classics. Also, "sucks" is considered swearing? WTF? [livescience via theawl]

  • After writing a 2,750-word blog post on the psychological, biological and evolutionary benefits of semen, that guy must--you know what, forget it. He used every possible ejaculation joke and reference in the book. Maybe when I was 20 I could've popped off a couple on demand but now... [scientificamerican via theawl]

  • $)#($*%)# Katy Perry!!!!!


That is really a freaky Friday. The world is now evolving and I don't understand. Wished life would be simple back then.

Re: Swearing - yeah. Our first kid brought that point home to us when she was 2. She dropped her sippy cup, put her hands on her hips and exclaimed, "oh, SHIT". BUT...she did it in context and that made me happy.

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