July 12, 2010

DT Mommy Mailbag: Mommy Breath Edition

Good morning, Ladies! Do you ever wake up with that, you know, "not so fresh feeling"--in your mouth?

As a Mom you have plenty of things to worry about; bad breath should not be one of those things. Moms should worry about their children falling off the monkey bars on the play ground and they should worry that their daughter is going to get picked on at school. They should be concerned about the swine flu, and their kids on the internet; on the long list of a mom's priorities, the quality of their breath probably does not come close to breaking the top 20, but the reality is bad breath can be very offensive. As a mom, you are typically busy running errands and being in close proximity to a lot of people. Between chatting with fellow moms at the deli counter, to doing a "stop-and-chat" with the mailman, there are dozens of times every day that we could potentially offend whoever we get close to. Of course there is a variety of mints, gums, sprays and strips available that we could use to combat this dreaded social folkway, but those products can only provide freshness for less than an hour. Let's not forget how busy moms are, they do not have time to keep popping tic-tacs every thirty minutes! The best way to defend against chronic halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath, is a high-quality mouthwash.
This is possibly the most fantastically momcentric pitch for a universal product I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. It just goes on and on.


Oh Yes swine flu and chronic halitosis are on the top of my list of worries. LOL thanks as always for the giggle.

I'm trying to decide if the writer was a non-native English speaker, or just a PR person.

Dreaded social folkway? Huh? And I know I'm certainly WAY too busy to eat a couple of tic-tacs every half hour. Guess I'll have to just keep on offending every one I meet, every day.

I got the same pitch. Here was my response:

"Good thing I don't have to worry about this ... as a dad."

Here was the reply I received:

"This pitch was supposed to be serviced to mommy bloggers, and I guess your name was in there for some reason. The great news is……this product is perfect for dads too! Please see information below and let me know if you are interested in doing a review."

Do I give them the finger or ask for big bucks?

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