January 25, 2011

Just Enslave Us Now, China

And make it quick:

"In celebration of the release of the new Disney DVD and Blu-ray, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, Social Media Moms are hosting a fun Twitter Party on..."


*Throw up in my mouth*

Does it matter? I mean, isn't it ALWAYS a fun Twitter party when moms talk about Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Isn't that why they made the sequel?

I was very disappointed to find out that BHC wasn't a full hour of those dancing, costumed chihuahuas like in the preview/teaser. *That* I could have watched for a long time. What they actually filmed was far less interesting.

I'm just hoping they give away free chihuahuas and I don't want to miss out.

Me too, I LOVE Chihuahuas!

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