June 4, 2010

Mini Bugawho?


Ohdeeoh posted a handy roundup of toy strollers, complete with links to their earlier posts on each one. Front and center is this awesome-looking, homemade mini Bugaboo, hacked together from an aluminum picnic basket; the extendible feet from two thrift store crutches; aluminum pipe from a craft store in Dulles, VA; radio-controlled airplane tires from a store in Chelsea; oh, and what, giant globs of epoxy wrapped in duct tape?

DT reader Nelson thought it looked familiar, but since these are all toy strollers that "will do better in the outdoors. They're really like miniature versions of your stroller and should do OK on bumpy sidewalks or streets," and since, as I wrote in my willfully rambling essay in Heather Armstrong's anthology, Things I Learned About My Dad (In Therapy), the Miniboo I made for the kid wobbled like hell and barely made it half a block to the playground, where it was destroyed within seconds by the first berserker 2-yo with sharing issues who assaulted it, I knew it was completely different.

Also, depending on your kid's height percentile, a mini Bugaboo made from a Riesenthel basket might be too short for your three-year-old. When I made mine, the kid was just two, and the basket's handle angle was already starting to be a little awkward for her.

Five Strollers For Your Three-Year-Old [ohdeeoh via dt reader nelson]

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