April 10, 2010

Holy Smoked Mackerel! Kay Bojesen Wallpaper


I swear, I've been to kaybojesendesign.dk, the site of one of the biggest Bojesen collectors around, a dozen times, and I've never noticed this. What an incredible story:

...When the factory was closed in 2008 I was allowed to cut out the wallpaper and split it into 3 pieces, one to Kaj Høffer one to another collector and a piece for my self. The wallpaper is marked by times gone by and can not be removed from the piece of cellutex wall. But because of it's history and the fact that it was rescued at the last minute it has a very special meaning to me.
This piece has the entire vertical repeat, and if those soldiers on the left line up with the soldiers on the right, there's almost the whole horizontal repeat, too. Did you know wallpaper is called "tapet" in Danish?

Scanning this fragment, plus one or both of the others, should make it possible to re-create some silkscreens. I count seven colors. This is an entirely doable project.

Kay Bojesen Wallpaper [©kaybojesendesign.dk via eagle-eyed andy from stork bites man]

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