February 24, 2010

Never Saw: Enzo Mari See Saw


Mamma mia, how could I have tracked down every variation of Enzo Mari's iconic 16 Animali puzzle last year [on Feb. 25!], and yet somehow I missed l'Altalena/ See-Saw?


What an awesome-looking book. Michael has a full set of scans at Stopping Off Place of the [d'oh, 1981 replica of the] original 1961 woodcut edition published by Danese. Like most everything else Mari per Bambini, Corraini has reissued See-Saw, this time as a woodcut-esque accordion book.

See-Saw [stopping off place]
Buy l'altalena at Corraini for EUR15 or at your favorite twee little hipster shop [corraini]
Previously, on 2/25/08: Which Enzo Mari 16 Animals puzzle are you talking about?

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