February 17, 2010

Brinca Dada Dollhouse v0.9 On eBay


Weird, and interesting. DT commenter MC recognized the newly unveiled brinca dada Emerson dollhouse--from an eBay listing last December.


Sure enough, Here it is/was, and it sold for a whopping $407+75 shipping.


It's not clear whether this was a prototype or a different scale or what, but it has all the features of the production model, including the solar-powered LED lighting, the hardwood and birch construction, and all the finishes, etc. The only apparent difference I can spot: the eBay seller says it was 1:12 scale, and the brinca dada website says it's 1:18. But with 7" high ceilings, that translates to a 10.5' design, which makes more sense. Who knows?

Handcrafted Modern Dollhouse, LED Lights & Solar Panel, auction ended

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Yes, that was us. We sold our prototype on ebay to see if anyone would be willing to buy it. We didn't think the brinca dada brand name would mean anything to anyone.

As for the scale, here is the real scoop. When we did the calculations originally, we were using architecture scales, not dollhouse scales, which we later realized are different. That's why we originally said it was 1:12, when it was actually 1:18. We figured out the error and corrected our website. If you know or meet Tim and me, this little story won't surprise you at all.

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