July 21, 2011

Kaleidoscope Dollhouse Wallpaper From Artware Editions


Wow, Artware Editions is swinging for the wallpaper fences. In addition to the artist-designed, roll wallpaper from Studio Printoworks, they're selling Maharam Digital Projects' huge collection of custom-scaled, mural-style wallpapers by dozens of contemporary artists. They look pretty awesome.

Top on the nursery wall list is probably Laurie Simmons' Kaleidoscope House (Large) a wallful of slides of interior photographs of the sweet, modern plastic dollhouse she and Peter Wheelwright did with Bozart in 2000. [There's also a small slide version.]

They're all "request price estimate," so who knows, but I'm gonna guess the only way to cover a wall for less than ten grand is if it's in a scaled-down, $200,000 playhouse.

Artists Wallpaper from Artware Editions [artwareeditions.com]

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