December 23, 2008

Sweet Modular Prefab Dream Finally Realiz--Wait, It's A Dollhouse


Until the real estate market exploded, modular prefabricated modernist houses that were intended to combine the quality finish and economies of off-site construction, but that ended up costing as much as, if not more than, straight-up custom design were all the rage.

It's good to know that the dream lives on. Designer Paris Renfroe has finished the M112 Podhouse, a 1:12 scale doll house based on a modular concept. It's like Alchemy Architect's WeeHouse, only much, much weeer [wee-er? more wee?]

And this meticulously finished and furnished one-of-one prototype can be yours today for just $1,500, with free shipping! Assuming no one else bids against you, that is. Renfroe put the house on eBay.

M112 Podhouse Modern 1:12 scale furnished dollhouse, opening bid $1500, auction ends dec. 31 [ebay via dt reader jesse]
Making of/pre-ordering of: M112 POD House [minimodern]

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