January 19, 2010

Lipstick On A Headless Pig: El Ultimo Grito Mico


High-design Italian or not, I've spent my years as a dad trying to avoid giant hunks of kid-targeted plastic. So even though it's from 2006, it's in MoMA's collection now, and it's in an upcoming exhibit of seating for children at the V&A's Museum of Childhood in London, the Mico is as unfamiliar to me as its designers, El Ultimo Grito.

But I like it. If only because its contorted, splayed, headless form it reminds me of the only two Ian Falconer books I could stand at this point: Olivia Ends Up At A Luau and Olivia Pole Dances Her Way Through College.


Sit Down | Seating for Kids | 6 February - 5 September 2010
[vam.ac.uk via dt reader nelson]
EUG Mico is in the MoMA Collection [eugstudio.com]
Mico chair/plaything for Magis Me Too Collection, $314 [unicahome]

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Football tee.

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