August 24, 2008

Got Too Many Euros? Kidstuff Roundup From German eBay Auction

You know how The Economist publishes the Big Mac Index, to show how over- or underpriced certain currencies are for the exact same thing? Well, the price estimates the Munich-based auction house Quittenbaum has placed on US vintage auction staples like Eames chairs, Barcelona lounges, and Knoll desks makes me think this whole euro/usd exchange rate thing has gone crazy. Likewise, the estimates for many of the interesting kid-related pieces in the Sept. 2nd sale. But if exchange rates, shipping costs, and the 19.5% buyer's premium are no object, then you'll want to tune in. Or better yet, why not increase your odds by popping over to Munich and bidding in person?

9/3 update: wow, final results aren't in yet, but the only one of these lots to sell was the Pantonaef blocks, which went for EUR800, EUR950 with premium.]


Lot 1086: Hans Brockhage; Erwin Andra rocking car, aka der Schaukelwagen, circa 1950. Examples of this sweet, reversible rocker/scooter by the Bauhaus designers have come up at auction before, and I think they were in better condition and for a better price. Still, those O-ring-on-plywood wheels should give the Bam Bam Baby tricycle guy some peace of mind. [Est. EUR 900-1500]


Lot 1216: Esko Pajamies. 'Prima Ballerina' rocking chair, designed in 1960, made who knows when? in Helsinki. Yeah, the rocker's fine; frankly, I'm posting this because I want someone to name their kid Esko Pajamies. [est. EUR700-900]


Lot 1275: Marco Zanuso & Richard Sapper. Pair of 'seggiolino 4999' chairs. These are made by Kartell from Zanuso and Sapper's 1964 design. MoMA has a stack of these, too, but in much better condition. Still, this is the first time I've ever seen them come up for sale. [est. EUR250-300]


Lot 1352: Luigi Colani. 'Zocker' chair, designed in 1972 and dated to 1977. by the master of fantastic plastic, these are probably more fun once you get a few daisy-chained together. But you know what they say: "The journey of a thousand Zockers..." [est. EUR300-500]


Lot 1364: Verner Panton, six 'Pantonaef' brick packages Pantonaef? Not sure how to pronounce it, but it's awesome. I had no idea Panton designed Lego-like modular blocks for Naef in 1975, much less that they came in four colors and three shapes, or that six boxes would be estimated to sell for EUR400-500. [update: Andy's got some inspiration for building with Pantonaef. Wait, does that mean they don't come apart?]

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