December 12, 2009

Diznee? Dizknee?

I heard this kid-on-the-street interview about The Princess and The Frog on NPR last night on the way to the gym. If ever there were a group of kids for whom the phonetic approximation of their names was not enough...

We just heard from Shaquira Nunn(ph), Karina Rivera(ph), Anaya Alahi(ph), Zaria Maloof(ph), Monique Joneth(ph), Makaya Red(ph), Alyssa Stokes(ph), Niyaja Brown(ph), Alyse McCluten(ph) and Serena Jong Lee(ph). They were all in the San Francisco Bay Area. And that story was produced for us by Youth Radio.
Seriously, do the kids the favor and just listen: Girls On Disney's First Black Princess []

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