November 30, 2009

Molto Richard McGuire!


Longtime DT readers and early New York club music aficionados will know of our abiding interest in the work of Richard McGuire. It's one of the mysteries of children's book publishing that even as the artist's signature illustrations were front and center on PBS and Noggin and in the New Yorker, the four awesome titles McGuire created just a few years ago had all dropped out of print.

Well, the mystery has been cut in half. Corraini, the specialty Italian publisher, has added McGuire to their author list [right between Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari!] by rereleasing two titles, The Orange Book and Night Becomes Day. We have them both, they are both awesome, we've been giving clean old/dead stock copies as gifts all the time. When we can find a place to buy the Corraini editions in the US without paying DWR's 100% markup, we'll start giving those, too.


Day Becomes Night and The Orange Book, in italian or english, EUR16 []
Order both McGuire books and a sweet silkscreen print by the artist for EUR120 []

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