November 22, 2006

Whoa. Richard McGuire Designed Bedding For Land Of Nod

The out-of-print children's books by New Yorker/PBS Kids illustrator and sampled rap pioneer Richard McGuire got here the other day, and the kid just loves them. Stay tuned for a more complete review.


While Googling around for more McGuire info, though, I discovered he also designed several lines of infant and kids' room products for Land of Nod, the Crate & Barrel-related children's furniture store. [From the look of things, he also did graphics on their website.]

A twin duvet cover and pillowcase by McGuire called "Spaceman," embroidered all over with robots, is on eBay this second for a slightly steep-sounding $28 opening bid. Steep for used sheets, that is, but a bargain for a greatlooking piece of vintage [or circa 2002, anyway] design. Just imagine what a turn-of-the-century modernist classic like this'll go for in 2056.

Search for other Richard McGuire goods on eBay
[update: it sold for $28. a previous set sold for $43 a couple of weeks ago] [ebay]
Previous McGuire coverage/discovery on DT

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