October 5, 2009

WHOA, That's The Way The Gourmet, Cookie Crumble

When you pay McKinsey to tell you to jump, you also pay to tell you how high. And by jump, I actually mean, push someone off the cliff.

In the face of an advertising depression Conde Nast just announced they are closing Gourmet Magazine--a veritable bible for food lovers--and Cookie, a veritable bible for people who are determined to get back into their skinny jeans six weeks after their scheduled c-section--and who think babies are too fat to be on the cover.

Rosa, could you please take the kid out so I can observe a moment of silence to mourn the loss?

Conde Nast to Close Gourmet, Cookie, Modern Bride [nyt via felix's twitter]


This is so sad. Not only for the readers of those magazines, but for the writers/editors that now have to find new jobs. I really hope everyone of them finds a place to work that they really love soon.

It really is too bad, because I was so excited about Cookie, then found myself irritated or angry every time I got the magazine. There were always articles purporting to be about making decisions regarding vaccines, circumcision, cloth diapers, etc. written by idiots who did zero research and obviously didn't give a shit about the subject. Sex And the City was actually quoted in the circumcision article, so that's probably all I have to say about that to get my point across here.

Its really heartbroken news ... Gourmet help me in cooking

The loss of Gourmet is indeed very sad. Hopefully, their recipes will live on at epicurious.

As for Cookie... I can't imagine it will be missed.

Didn't Cookie have a Jenny McCarthy cover story? Yuck.

Greg...a bit off topic but I heard about the new FTC rules for bloggers/new media types today on NPR's "On the Media" and was wondering your take.


Its seems like your getting more and more swag but are up front about it but how do you plan on navigating this?

One of the Best food magazine..

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