October 2, 2009

Bugaboo(RED) Launc(HED) Orde(RED) Ship(PED)


I'm so confu(SED). All this time I thought it was Bugaboo(RED), but now that the whole thing's actually launched, and these limited edition strollers and diaper bags are for actual sale, I find out that it's (BUGABOO)RED, which is part of (PRODUCT)RED.

Also, I'd wan(TED) to mention it when Chris cove(RED) ABC Kids for Babble, but now we know that the (RED) catchphrases which adorn the hood on the special blackout denim Cameleon some other straight-up Cameleon and the Bee say Treasu(RED) and Ado(RED). Glad we have that clea(RED) up.

Meanwhile, I am very ti(RED), so I'm going to (BED).

Whether it's Bugaboo(RED) or (BUGABOO)RED, you can "Shop and make a difference!" [joinred.com]

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Hi Greg,

Im pleased to see someone else is confu(SED) by Bugaboo. We have been dealing with them for a while now and they continue to treat everyone with distain. We have now taken them off our site as their delivery times were shockingly slow, their phone rang out (last count 15 mins). In your style, I was Frustra(TED).

They continue to bamboozle the retailer and the shopper, surely it cant be be long before bugaboo just buga-off

p.s love this blog, going to give you a mention in ours

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