September 24, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag: Puttin' The Uhhh... In Bump Edition

Normally, I'd throw a press release like this into the pile until an actual Monday, but since it's time sensitive...

Hi Greg,

Today, launched its first "The Bump Mommy Blog Awards" and I wanted to see if you might be interested in submitting your blog, a blog you love or just spread the news.



-- Best Fertility Blog? Best Pregnancy Blog? Best Working Mom Blog?

Enter at for Chance to Win $1,000 from The Bump --

NEW YORK (September 22, 2009)--
Who's the best mommy blogger on the block? is going to find out! (, a website for expectant and first-time parents, and sister site of the #1 wedding website,, today announced the launch of The Bump Mommy Blog Awards program (

Kicking off today through Friday, October 9, on, invites mommy (and daddy!) bloggers and their loyal fans to nominate their favorite websites for The Bump Mommy Blog Awards. From adoption blogs and fertility blogs to stay-at-home mom blogs and working mom blogs, wants to showcase the best in each of the 15 blog categories for all to see.

The karmically obvious thing would be for dads to pack and sweep all the categories except Token Dadblog. But that's about as likely to happen as your wife agreeing to get married at halftime. You can hand your nuts over to the Wedding Industrial Complex again if you want; just keep my name out of it.

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I'm still having trouble parsing this sentence:

"Women read men’s fashion mags, so why can’t they read daddy blogs?"

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