July 29, 2009

Put Your Child In Touch With A Conscious Blankee


In the West, we somehow accept the concept of a blankee providing soothing comfort and reassurance to a child. And yet sometimes we are so blinded by our cultural and scientific preconceptions, we miss the deeper underlying Truths.

Fortunately, there are enlightened and compassionate Beings among us who stand ready to offer up Healing Tools to sincere Seekers. People--and yes, they're still as human as you or I--like Leila Astarabadi, a designer and Yogic Guide of Manhattan and The Hamptons who, raises her clients' consciousness and fills their lives with light and energy with Conscious Cloth, her highly attuned collection of womens' fashion pieces in a luxurious array of fabrics.

Now with the introduction of Conscious Blankee, Astarabadi has put this healing touch within reach of the Littlest Hands. In addition to the calming energy provided by the best cashmere, silk, and organic cotton, Conscious Blankees--indeed the entire Conscious Cloth collection--feature a powerful mantra hand-sewn into every single piece. This sacred mantra raises the vibrational frequency of the Blankee, thereby imparting "love and Light and healing to the child."

But just as a fabulous pair of shoes--say, some gold Tory Burch ballet flats--could be totally right for a lunch in a private home, yet oh-so-wrong for a benefit gala, each mantra has a different healing, lighting, and vitalizing emphasis.

Astarabadi knows this intimately, of course, which is why, when I asked which mantra she included on the Blankee, she patiently explained to this Novice that there are many. I looked up a few she mentioned:

  • Wahe Guru, or Guru Mantra or Wonderful Teacher, the traditional Sikh mantra that contemplates the ecstatic Nature of God and the Supreme Reality,
  • Sat Narayan, or the Chotay Pad Mantra, for exploring infinity,
  • Ek Ong Kar, or the Magic Mantra, which reverses negativity to positivity,
  • Ra Ma Da Sa, or the Shushmana Mantra, which facilitates healing and calms what the great teacher Bhagavan Das calls the "monkey mind," and
  • Deum de Deo, Lumen de Lumine..., which, though it does get chanted quite a bit by monks in Gregoria, is a technically more of a creed than a mantra. But as Theodicius said at the First Council at Nicea, there are many paths to the top of Mt. Fuji.
And others too numerous and/or powerful to mention here. Since your child will probably be grown and dead and back on The Wheel for another spin before you can figure out which single mantra he really needs, my humble Advice would be to prepare yourself with a whole range of Conscious Blankees of various colors and mantras, and then use the one that works best in any given scenario. Plus, that way, if he loses it on the ride home from the playground, you'll still have a backup.

Conscious Blankees begin at $320 for a 16x16 inch, and range up to $520 for a 26X36. They're available in combinations of seven scrumptious, not particularly chakra-related colors [consciouscloth.com, thanks ereka for the light-giving press release]


whoamygod. it's like subliminal messaging on the astral plane. or something. "help me daddeeeeeee, my blankie is whispering to meeeeee..."

What a load of crap.

Heck, I've been doing the same thing with my kids' blankets for years -- me, a sharpie, and a foreign language dictionary. This will save me a ton of work!

And then you can teach your small one that everything is impermanent, that possessions only lead to sadness, and that life is pain, by throwing the thing away right before their eyes when they reach the age of two.

I can only assume that this is one of those "more money than common sense" products :)

or maybe you're just too attached to your money, hmm? what about the therapeutic value of the purchase itself?

sort of "shop yourself happy"? Don't you think America's had a good bit too much of that therapy already? ;)

PS I readily admit that I'll happily hold onto cash in this economy. Or even better, something with a little more long term value...

PPS Does anybody do any karma improving products in gold or platinum?

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