July 13, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag Supréme

Good morning, ladies! What's being marketed to you this week?

Large crates of diapers, now with an accent aigu!

We've got good news for Mom! Kirkland Signature Supréme Diapers are here with great improvements! Soft, breathable outer cover, wraparound stretch, comfortable shape. Enter for a chance to win a year's worth of Kirkland Signature Diapers!

New Kirkland Signature Supréme Diapers are here with great improvements! The outstanding fit, comfort and protection help maintain dry, healthy skin, which baby and Mom are sure to appreciate.

Don't worry, dads, you can enter the contest, too! Costco just needs your name, email address, and balls. [via dt reader ponch]

Everything mommy bloggers love and get for free!

"You can't really write a review if you haven't used it or done it," Ms. Padilla [of ClassyMommy.com] said. "It really is a valuable thing for marketers. It's a real mom with a real voice."
Ford even flew another momblogger to a junket in Detroit. All they did for me was bring their giant wagon to my house for the weekend. Only months later do I find out I got a $60 ticket for parking a mfr vehicle on a residential side street. No bribing respect. [nytimes]

Uh, I have no idea:

Dear Greg, I would like to introduce you to a stylish NEW bra accessory, called TWEAKERZ. The ONLY customizable bra accessory on the market to revive those worn bras, save money, and achieve that perfect lift. In order to experience yourself why women are raving about Tweakerz, I would like to send you a SAMPLE, please reply to this email. Watch our VIDEO at http://www.tweakerz.com

### For Immediate Release ###

Tweakerz: The Money-Saving Bra Accessory for all Women...

Moving on...

Not what I thought. It's actually glow-in-the-dark Onesies [sic]:

I would like to take the time to introduce our brilliant brand star-tested and parent-approved, Booby Trap Children's Apparel. We're a young company based out of Los Angeles , we've designed GLOW IN THE DARK one-zzzs, jumpers, rompers and tees for little bats (boys) or sweet cupcakes (girls). You'll never lose your child in a crowded playroom when they are wearing the screaming ink of BOOBY TRAP!
their actual press release is actually not mom-skewed at all, but the whole bats and cupcakes thing really bugs.


But... but... I wanna be a bat. :(

And I know plenty of girls who I'd never describe as "sweet cupcakes."

Still, glow-in-the-dark clothes are pretty awesome.

Ohh that Suprème *really* chaps my hide. Should be a circumflex, n'est-ce pas?

lol, yeah, it should be Suprême, not Suprème or Supréme. Actually, NAFTA bedamned, it should be Supreme.

Makes me want to run to the folk who aren't telling what gender their baby is!

Enjoying this series. Guess they used "One-zzzs" in case Gerber decided to get sue-z on those who dare unproperfy their invented noun.

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