July 6, 2009

4 Million Aqua Leisure Baby Floats Recalled For Drowning Risk [!]


If you thought reaching a live customer service rep at Aqua Leisure was hard before...

The CPSC just issued a recall for over 4 million baby floats made by Aqua Leisure between 2002 and 2008 and sold until June 2009 [last week!] at many major retailers. Apparently, the leg straps can break, causing babies to suddenly fall overboard. It's been reported 31 times, so far with no deaths or injuries.

If you're like Chris at Moseleyworld, and you have any of the fifteen products covered by the recall, stop using it, slice it up a bit, and contact Aqua Leisure for a complete pain in the ass customer service nightmare refund.

Aqua-Leisure Industries Recalls Inflatable Baby Floats Due to Drowning Hazard [cpsc.gov via moseleyworld]
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These floats look already dangerous for babys on the photo.

That is why the adult should be withen arms reach at all times. They are not meant to be left alone in the things.

My first product recall, I have one of these death boats new in box that the kid received as a birthday present.

I purchased this product"Cozy Crab Sunshade Float" for my grandchildren. My daughter was horrified when she saw it and refused to let me use it; which, under the circumstances, would not do.

Please let me know how to get a refund on this item.

Thank you. Mary Simmons

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