June 29, 2009

DT Monday Mommy Mailbag: 'We Know The Profile Of Your Readers' Edition

Mull over this mad melange of momtastic marketing messages moldering in my malebox!

I just wanted to follow up with you on this item to see if you might be able to include.

A hot new website is changing the way moms get insight and advice on
parenting. And, it's all free. I thought you might be interested in
possibly featuring as a 'must check out' site.

Mamapedia is a one-stop-shop where moms can tap into the wisdom of other
moms on an array of topics - everything from potty training to weight loss.

This amazing tool gives moms the power to ask any question and get
real-scoop answers without judgement [sic] Questions they can't ask their mother
(for fear of not following her advice) or are too embarassed [sic] to bring up at
a playgroup.

The site tracks the top searches and makes it super easy for moms
everywhere (no registration required) to search and find.

Thanks so much!

Sure thing! Two even more momazing mailings after the jump!

Hello -

We know the profile of your readers - smart, savvy, creative and swamped! Because of these attributes, we bet a majority of them also claim the title of designated "party planner." You know her, she's in charge hosting the events, planning menus, ordering party favors, and takes on the dreaded task of handwriting, stuffing and stamping invitations!

She's stressed right now because she's also "the one" hosting the annual 4th of July neighborhood bash, and knows there is more to hosting a party for the 4th than stars & striped plates and cupcakes with flags. But, given her hectic schedule, she frazzled!

Do her a favor, introduce her to MyPunchbowl.com.

MyPunchbowl.com is the leader in start-to-finish party planning and has everything from online invitation designs - to tracking RSVPs - to coordinate who's bringing what - to ordering party favors - even sending post-event photo/video sharing. And all of this can be done right from her computer. It's that simple! Not only will the party be a smash, but she'll even have extra time to get herself all dollied up for the party!

MyPunchbowl.com will allow her to infuse her own personality into any event she plans this year - events that, for her guests, will be remembered as spectacular!

As American as Mom's apple pie!
KidBiz Weekly Post


I wanted to let you know that I am permanently moving my blog to The Giggle Guide. I believe that this site provides a perfect platform for those of us in our industry to join in the 'conversation' and participate in shaping our future.

This week's blog deals with 'Marketing WITH moms, not TO moms'. I urge you to make comments on this blog. I also included a link to review the video webinar that was hosted by Maria Bailey, one of the most powerful of the 'Power Moms'. Please click on the 'Marketing with Moms' banner below to view this webinar.

And clicking through...
...Her webinar yesterday did not disappoint. It was vintage Maria. She described current trends, identified core motivators, and defined the categories and terms that today's moms use to describe themselves; yoga moms, granola moms, punk moms, blue-suit moms, alpha moms, etc. All this information was fascinating, as she gave one example after another of how to use this information to connect with specific categories of moms.

Did you know that 65% of all moms do not have any idea of what they are going to do for dinner at 4:00 pm every day? I bet you are thinking, 'What does this have to do with my business?'...everything! I look at that statistic, and it gives me (or my clients) a way to really connect with (and build a relationship with) moms. All I/we have to do is provide recipes or dinner suggestions, (preferable late in the afternoon) and voila, we have provided them with valuable, relevant (to them) information. Yes, it may not have anything to do with our product or company, but we have made a connection, and created a level of trust...we've helped them solve a problem.

The biggest takeaway of the webinar was, in order to be successful, companies need to integrate themselves WITH moms, not market TO moms. Companies need to become part of the moms' 'eco-system of solutions'...in other words, you need to get social! Maria stated that moms are getting bored with the way we (marketers/vendors) are engaging them. They want things cutomized [sic] to their individual tastes. We tend to think that moms (specifically mommy bloggers) are just out for free samples of products to review. She points out that moms are looking for something a bit more interesting...something different...and the company that gives them that kind of interaction will really connect.

As Einstein once said, "Knowledge is power", and this webinar was really powerful. I highly suggest you visit the site and review the webinar. The url is: http://www.momtv.com/marketingwithmoms.html. [emphasis added]

This summer marks my 15th anniversary working in the Internet industry, and I'm going to celebrate by taking every use of the term "webinar" out behind the barn and shooting it in the back of the head.


[...] Maria Bailey, one of the most powerful of the 'Power Moms'."
Is that some new cartoon on "Adult Swim"? What is her superpower? Do the Power Moms have a secret lair disguised as a dayspa? Do their Lexus RX350s dispense a slick of Boudreax' Butt Cream from nozzles on the rear bumper to foil pursuers?
I am agog.

"Mamapedia"? That's just bad.

I will not mourn its death.

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