February 6, 2009

K2 Loves The Korean Seaweed


Alright, Korean people. Tell me what you're dusting the little sheets of roasted seaweed with. Because until I see proof otherwise, I'll assume it's baby crack.

We get big sheets of sushi-style Japanese nori all the time for the kid's Veggie Booty-maki lunches. But the last time we were at the Asian grocery store, I grabbed some of the smaller sheets of Korean seaweed, too, thinking it was the same thing, only adorable, Korean BBQ-sized.

But not only are they thinner, bumpier, and a bit flimsier, the Korean seaweed is lightly salted--or something--on the underside. They're also the perfect size for a 1-yo to eat. I made up a few tiny rice rolls for K2 for lunch today--they come out about as long as a Tootsie Roll--and she powered through a stack of them faster'n an admin going through a pack of Newports.


Korean nori is so ono. It also usually has sesame seed oil as well as more salt than the Japanese version. My son loves it.

Seasoned seaweed has sesame oil and salt and I don't know if there are other variations. I just know that there was a child at my school who used to bring it in for lunch but now she can't because one of the other kids has a sesame allergy. I asked the teacher why she couldn't just bring in regular seaweed and the teacher- who is Korean- said that kids only like seasoned seaweed :)

Hurray another Korean tip! I'll be looking for this stuff in the grocery store soon. You want me to send you a case?

our daughter Holly's been hooked...absolutely hooked on seaweed going on about half a year now. not sure what it is either, but she loves it. another thing we discovered recently which we highly recommend is this small glass jar that looks like some type of Japanese seasoning - it has sesame seeds + seasoned seaweed flake bits + ???. it's like catnip for kids - we dust it over rice and the whole plate is gone in seconds.

furikake [furry-kah-keh]. it is awesome.

Even in Japan "kankoku nori" is a big hit; it's one of the things we always got as a souvenir when someone we knew went to Korea. It's easy to find too... the big Chinese grocery chain here has it, as do most of the Japanese stores.

my son loves that stuff too but he's Korean (like me). it's mostly salt and sesame oil. enjoy.

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