January 8, 2009

BBC Reports That Pink Princess Thing Does Not Change Girls' DNA

So apparently, girls only like pink, and so that's all the "marketeers" give them. How did this come about? No one knows, but the BBC says it has something to do with Hitler and the gays. There's nothing to be done about it now, but the real issue, according to some lady, is that this whole "little fluffy pink princess" thing "stunts girls' personalities."

Not so fast, says some guy talking about something else entirely. "Too much pink doesn't have a profound effect biologically - because it can't." And people who say it "traumatizes" and "oppresses" girls are ignoring science [which is so typical of a feminist]. "Scientists all argue the same thing - you cannot have a biological organism without having an environment for it to exist in, but that environment does not change the very basic make-up of that organism." Besides, his two daughters love pink, and they're fine.

Leave it to the official news source for the land of Princess Di and Jordan to come up with the least insightful Pink Princess Thing article of 2009 in the first week of January.

Little princess | Pink clothes. Check. Pink toys. Check. Is this harmful? [bbc via dt reader dt]


Can you use Jordan instead of Uma for a while?

BBC has had layoffs recently. And are now apparently hiring undergrads.

The hell?

Like how that Gurian nut stands for all science. Not.

I must agree. There are much more sinister things than the color pink that contribute to a dominant patriarchy and woman oppressing society.

Exactly, it's not that girls are marginalized by pink Lego. It's that they are marginalized by the fact that the pink Lego box costs more and has fewer pieces.

Don't get me started on Lego... I'm against co-branded stuff by I'm seriously considering getting the kid a Spongebob Lego set after she said it was "cute". (Even more likely I'll just jump on ebay and buy a few pounds of plain bricks... that stuff is dirt cheap if you get it that way.)

BTW, princesses are on their way out if you ask me; even Disney is jumping on the fairy bandwagon. At least fairies have jobs, even if they look just like princesses with wings...

"At least fairies have jobs"

that's a t-shirt right there. I'd buy one even if it's pink.

Don't get your bulk Lego from eBay. Like everything else there, it's hard to really score a deal on anything that anyone else somewhere in the world might be foolish enough to overpay for. (i.e., anything), You'll get much better results from http://www.bricklink.com/ instead.

"At least fairies have jobs" - Don't get me started on the fairy caste system. ;-P

Princesses? Pink? Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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