November 26, 2008

Bear Claws Cat Fight

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is being taken to court by his baby mama because the 3-year-old boy comes home with Cinderella pull-ups and Bears Blue toenail polish on.

Frankly, I think the woman's crazy; the kid wore nighttime pullups with cars [OK, Cars] on them sometimes, and she didn't turn into a boy.

"'It's Brian and Brian's girlfriend,' she said [as she unconsciously revealed what this whole dispute is really about]. "It's happened on five consecutive visits."

Mother: Urlacher paints son's toes [suburbanchicagonews via huffpo]

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You know, I am sort of surprised and thrilled that it's not the macho linebacker freaking out over this. What a sad mom. Really, how is that going to scar the kid? It's not like dad and new girlfriend are curling his hair and making him wear dresses or answer to a girl's name. And even if they were, it still would be pretty unlikely to turn him gay in the long run. Geez. If the nail polish and girly pull-ups are the only problem, mom should be ashamed of herself. She should be happy the guy spends time with his kid, unlike so many other baby daddies.

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