November 7, 2008

With Old Navy T-Shirts, Charley Harper Is The New Morgan Fairchild


Seriously, what Charley Harper this prolific when he was still alive? Charley Harper's ABC Boardbook is consistently the most popular item purchased at Amazon by Daddy Types readers. Now DT secret shopper Katy sends word that Harper's trademark stylized animal illustrations can be found on kid-sized t-shirts at Old Navy.

The shirts run from newborn to five years old, with at least three illustrations: a frog, a dog, and the bird. The same bird, in fact, from the cover of the ABC Book. I smell a gift set!

Charley Harper Illustrated Tees for Baby, 0-5T, $12.50 [oldnavy via dt reader katy]

1 Comment

Sweet! I've loved the ABCs book (and anxiously awaiting the 123s), but Harper on kids! Gotta love it!

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