August 30, 2008

Hirst & Koons Kids T-Shirts I Can't Get Too Excited About, Frankly


Was it only last year that I actually looked into making a bootleg version of Damien Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull printed on a black Onesie? Because now I can't think of anything more played out and boring.

Though if your kid is gonna be obsessed with butterflies, you could still do worse by her than a Hirst butterfly painting-style t-shirt. And Jeff Koons's balloon dog is alright. The real problem here is that the smallest available size is an American Apparel kid's small, which is a 6-8. Years, not months. If you want to buy that far ahead, I've got some Salvador Dali
sleepers to sell you, never been worn!

Koons and Hirst kids t-shirts, 25 pounds each (at least the Koons proceeds go to charity) at Hirst's store, Other Criteria []


Yeah, but don't American Apparel sizes run tiny? My 2-y.o. wears a 4 in AA shirts.

Obsessed with butterflies? Try these items by IVANAHelsinki.

Check out the company's own website for the full experience.

(The intro movie does have some butterfly stuff if you wait long enough. Navigate to Collections > Archive > Kids or Dead Butterflies.)

huh. the first link has some kids clothes, but their own site's dead butterflies section looks like only women's clothes.

I think I like the Hirst better, actually. Never thought I'd say that. Also, it's immature, I know, but IvanaHelsinki sounds like a name Bart Simpson would use in a crank call.

Hmmm...I have found that American Apparel Baby clothes run pretty accurate when it comes to sizing. In fact, that's all I use for my clothing line . I don't do diamond encrusted skull onesies, but I am guilty as charged when it comes to hand-appliqued skulls. I have tried Appliqueing on some other brands of onesies, but if you are familiar with the process, it requires 1,000's of stitches. I cut out the applique shape, use Wonder Under to stick it to the onesie, then back it with Tear Easy Stabilizer, then sew. I found the American Apparel garments stand up to the production process, and have long-term wearability. Diamond encrusted anything on a baby garment sounds like it'll end in tears.

the t-shirt's not encrusted with anything; it's silkscreened. The image is of a skull that's encrusted with diamonds. Hirst made it, it was on sale for $100 million last summer. Caused a bit of frenzy in London.

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