July 11, 2008

Swedish Leather Bears Skg Love From Generou$ Daddy Types

Between this post and the drug namedump before it, it's turning out to be Confound The Search Engines Week here at DT.


The Swedish Leather Bears in question are all named Chester, and they're the introductory character toy from Acne Jr, a kid-oriented spinoff of Sweden's leading designer of hipster jeans.

Actually, the leather Chesters are all chained up in the backroom and won't be released for another few weeks; vinyl Chesters in a range of colors will come first. There's talk of limited edition versions and other materials, but it's all a little unclear, like trying to see through a blindfold or understand someone with a ballgag in his mouth.

If size matters to you, here is a picture of Chester, his master, and a not-at-all precarious stack of books:


No price on the leather Chesters yet, but the vinyl ones will be 450-500SEK in select Nordic stores.

Acne Jr website any minute, I'm sure [acnejr.com via acne's marketing guy]
The Acne empire: not just jeans anymore [acne.se]


When will the black leather "Gimp" bear be available?

classic -ed.

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