June 3, 2008

William Wegman Alphabet Wallpaper Border


See, the dogs not only sit still while the artist dresses them up in little outfits, they also sit still while he poses them in the shapes of all the letters of the alphabet.

Then the images are turned into hand-screened wallpaper borders on grounds in the artist's carefully selected colors [red, green, blue, grey, white], which are intended to be installed "like the alphabet line in a grammar school," if a grammar school had $350/roll, limited edition wallpaper by contemporary artists in each room.

William Wegman's Alphabet Border, 13"x360", ina strictly limited edition of 1,500 per color [!] [artwareeditions.com]

1 Comment

If any of you art folks can explain this nonsense to me, I'm all ears. Nothing about Wegman doesn't remind me of 1/2 priced calendars at Long's Drugs in February.

[the theory I've always operated under is, "Wegman made some historically important contributions to the development of video art, and so everyone just puts up with his subsequent, pointless decades of dog dressups." -ed.]

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