May 18, 2008

DT@ICFF: Kids Design Roundup

DT@ICFF, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

I've gotta run out the door, but I wanted to post some photos from the ICFF, starting with this rather awesome dollhouse from Designers go Playground, a Norwegian firm.

It's actually an entire modular storage and furniture system, based on birch ply blocks that can interlock like Legos. The upholstery add-ons turn it into seating, and the ingenious stair, balcony, and room divider kit turns it into a dollhouse. Really smart.
There are 30-odd photos in the ICFF Kidstuff set on flickr, which you can see--with details and info--after the jump.


Can't wait to hear more about the stuff in the pictures!

Sweet. Three questions: 1. Is it real? 2. Is it available in the States (or will it be)? and 3. Is it "affordable"?

{what, that dollhouse shelf system? 1. yes. 2. they're looking for distributors, and 3. as affordable as shipping giant inch-thick plywood boxes from Norway can be, I guess. -ed.]

The hinged bassinet and crib from Bloom remind me of the folding wooden cribs we've encountered in UK Centerparcs holiday accommodation, whose ends fold in and hinge to leave the whole crib (including mattress) a flat panel 8" deep for storage in the chalet's utilty closet.

I think they were these - not a triumph of design, true, but a very neat bit of engineering.

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