August 31, 2008

Aha, Bloom's New Flat Furniture Is Stephen Procter's Old Flat Furniture


Or should I say Duh?

I can't believe it's taken me this long to connect the dots. I swear I'd written about Stephen Procter's fold-flat baby furniture and stroller when he debuted it at Milano in 2007. I mean, I totally remember thinking that flat picture-framey stroller was crazy, and that it was pretty unusual for a company to make both changing tables and plexiglass church podiums [podia?].

But then even in March, when I misreported Bloom's involvement with Natalie Keville's petal-shaped EVA foam bassinet prototype--they are in on it, I said they weren't--and Jenn corrected me and mentioned that Bloom was working on "Stephen Procter's line" too, I still didn't get it.

Not even when I saw Bloom's new Dina high chair and Alma bassinet at ICFF in May.

So yeah, Stephen Procter every bit of it. Clearly, I can't get a bloomin' thing right about Bloom. Though I totally called it on the Stylewood = plywood thing.

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