May 14, 2008

Dapipa Creature Bags Are Dadorable


You don't have to be Japanese to know that putting little eyes on something makes it exponentially cuter, but it helps. That's part, but not all, of the kawaii genius behind the Dapipa Creature Bags, designed by Kamakura-based design studio Seto [formerly 9brand] for Dad-Way, the Yokohama retailer that's been making childrearing more fun for dads since 1992. Wait, WHAT?

That's right, there's a dad store in Yokohama. And they sell dad-friendly baby gear and toys and clothes. [Granted, a lot of brands look a lot like what the "mom stores" carry. Think on that for a while.] And they have their own lines of products, too. Like Dapipa, which is basically an entire family of bags in various sizes and shapes, some more animal than others, for the entire family. They hold diapers, bottles, and whatnots in some configuration of your choosing. ["Create your own ecosystem," which is another way of saying, "Collect'em all!"]


And they're only for sale in Japan. And on Amazon Japan, which should ship to the US, no problem. [At least it doesn't say it's only for in-country delivery, so there's hope.]

See all the Dapipa bags and doodads on Amazon JP []
Or separately: Dapipa tote bag, 9,240 yen
Dapipa mamma bag, about 30cm sq, 6,090 yen
Dapipa sol bag, about 20cm sq, 5,040 yen
Dapipa bottle bag, 2,730 yen
Dapipa bebe bag, 1,890 yen
Seto's site is mostly in English [ via dt reader goemon
But Dad-Way is all Japanese. []
They also sell pet stuff. Go figure. []


For visitors to Tokyo, there is a newer Dad-Way branch in trendy Daikanyama (near Shibuya) in the 2nd floor of the La Fuente building. That 2nd floor is a veritable mecca of (overly)fashion-minded parents since it houses Dad-Way, Actus Kids, Mother Garden, etc.

To whom it may concerned,
I went to japan in the mid of April. I bought one bag from your store. It was the Dapipa Creature bag (in green). When coming back to my country, I've found that there's defect of sewing of the little pocket inside. I wonder if you could do anything for me? If possible I need only the new pocket sent to me (I can also send back the defected one if you'd take care of the shipping expense for me). I'm waiting for your reply. Please contact me at,Thanks

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