May 8, 2008

Little Red Stuga Keeps Making Toy Versions Of Landscape


If you were wondering what features of the Swedish landscape the design team at Little Red Stuga has been turning into kid-sized play furniture lately, now you know: a folding screen house with mirrors on one side; and a cold-foam coated shrub and cloud. Oh, and Kebnekaise, the country's tallest mountain, which has been faithfully rendered, snowcap and all, as a knitted beanbag chair.


Which was re-cast in this YouTube video as Kiirunavaara, the iron ore-filled mountain looming over Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost city. The video tells the story of how a century of mining has weakened the ground under Kiruna's city center, and so the whole city will be moved 2.5 miles away to avoid sinking into the ground.

No word on production decisions, launch dates, prices, or stores. But who can be bothered with boring details like that when just being Little Red Stuga is so much fun?

Bucklo & Hus prototypes, with more photos [fine little day]
Up coming news! Kebnekaise (under development) []
Kiruna video and a bit of background on the move from Reuters [youtube, reuters]

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