April 4, 2008

Now That's A Fire Sale! Strollers ARE Included In BabyStyle Store Closing Liquidations

As the cherry blossom delights in the Spring, only to quickly wilt and fall, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of all material things, so, too we watch as the captivating light in Mission Viejo's maternity and infant retail firmament goes dim and--HOLY CRAP, Bugaboos are 20% off at babystyle!!

DT readers were the first to know that babystyle filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to reorganize the company and close down at least six unprofitable store locations ASAP, ideally before that last cherry blossom hits pavement. An early report from a store employee said big-ticket items like strollers were being sent back to the distribution center or to other locations. But a customer just posted today that, in fact, strollers are on sale:

They currently have some Quinny Zapps, Bugaboo Bees, a Maclaren Triumph (red with stripes), a Maclaren Triumph double in brown,a Bugaboo Cameleon, and a Graco infant carseat. Everything in the store is marked 20% off and if it's marked down you still get an additional 20% off. Also sale shoes are an additional 30% off. I'd call to get an update on their stroller stock though just in case. It doesn't seem like the're doing holds either.
So if you're near one of the five closing stores [mission viejo; austin & plano, tx; long island; farmington, ct], and you're a cheapskate in the market for a premium stroller, you may want to give your local babystyle a call while the phone's still connected.

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Lol that was me that posted that. I got there in the morning as soon as they opened. When I got there there were boxes everywhere in the back. They said they had about one hundred and something boxes they had to unpack. They had a Bugaboo Cameleon (orange canopy) on display with a broken handle brake and I didn't ask if they had any back stock, but they def. had lots of Quinny Zapps ($199ish plus 20% off) some Bugaboo Bees in the back and some Maclarens Triumphs. No one was really looking at the strollers except strollerholics like myself. Those looking to get a premium stroller with a 20% off discount are def. not cheapskates considering even with a slight discount it still costs a few hundred dollars lol! A Bugaboo Bee still costs ya $423 plus tax from $529.00 reg price.I forgot to mention they do have some Bugaboo accessories too skins(seat fabric),canopies, and umbrella sun shades.I'm sure it will be a mad house tomorrow happy shopping to those in the market for some BabyStyle goods!:)

and a fire sale it is! I called the mission viejo babystyle, and put a bee on hold for my sister to pick up for herself since she was in the market, and I put a zapp on hold for myself. Sure enough, they were 20% the regular price which is nice when you're already dishing out a few hundred. I don't know if they'll be getting more in stock, but they only have a few left. When we called on 4/2/08, they only have 4 bees and 4 cameleons left. They don't know when exactly when their doors are closing according to the lady who answered the phone.

Wow! Mission Viejo Brings back memories. That is where my son was born. I am sorry anyone is going out of business. For an awesome web store to look at try www.ababy.com or www.luxurylamb.com.

Just an update, the only Bugaboos the Mission Viejo Babystyle has left are a floor model khahki bee, a couple of blue bees, and some denim cameleons.

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