March 28, 2008

Finnish, Not Finished: Jocular High Chair Concept


Another find from the kids at Turku University in Finland, one that makes me go, "Yhteydenottoihin!" This is the Jocular high chair/stool by Taina Ollikkala and Teea Jäske, which is beautifully crafted out of chromed steel and elm. [No fair, they still have elm in Finland?]

As you can see in the sketch below, the footrest deal flips back and latches in place to transform your kitchen stool into a kitchen high chair. Also, they added another side support to the chairback.


Hats off to the bus dev office at Turku U, though; since appearing at Habitare last year, the Jocular also showed up at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last month.

Your Space, My Cube: an exhibition of compactness from the students at Turku U.

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