March 3, 2008

This Is Not The Bloom Baby Bassinet You Were Looking For


Note to recent graduates of industrial design programs: When you present a concept for a co-sleeper/bassinet made from molded EVA foam and molded ply, check to see that the name is not already being used by an existing baby gear company. Doing so creates confusion about a product that, however nice-looking, is not likely to come to market, and you end up not getting credit for it anyway.

That said, the multi-position Bloom bassinet concept by Natalie Keville is pretty cool; the issues of a co-sleeper that still requires lifting a kid out of the bassinet and not tipping over when the first breeze blows from the right are not insurmountable; and the idea of using EVA foam for more furniture is intriguing. Fire up your Photoshop, Ms. Keville, there's still work to be done!

[update: please regard my smart alecky nonsense above. According to Jenn, this bassinet IS under development with Bloom, that Bloom. If I'd have gone to ABC last year, I'd have known that. ]

Bloom Bassinet by Natalie Keville - check her Coroflot portfolio [ via ohdeedoh]
Bloom Baby stroller, high chairs, lounger, but no bassinet. Yet. [bloombaby]


when i spoke to the rep for BLOOM last year at ABC, they were developing this bassiniet as well as stephen proctor's line. They had actual prototypes there. perhaps something has changed?

[nope, I just don't get out enough. thanks for the correction -ed.]

I wonder how springy the base is. The configuration on the left looks like it could do double-duty as a baby catapult.

Yechh. It's that brown and green again. Dark brown like post-meconium first week poop and then we jump straight to early breastfed stool. Okay, maybe it's a little more yellow, but still. Enough with the brown and green!

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