December 27, 2007

Christmas Cards From Socialites, Also Joan Collins

joan_collins_nysd.jpgIt's no "children afraid of Santa" photo album, but David Patrick Columbia's collection of Christmas Cards from his subjects at New York Social Diary has a delight all its own. Obviously, for the rich, socially aspirant, and merely affluent alike, holiday cards are a chance to show off the kids, the real estate, and the year's travel log. It's just that the NYSD folks' fireplaces are larger, their Hamptons lawns are rollier, and their vacation spreads are more venerable-looking than what you might find at the Olan Mills at the mall.

Also, I'm not sure which one, but I think one of those guys in Joan Collins' picture is her husband.

Holiday Greetings | New York Social Diary, plus appendix [nysd]

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1 Comment

You forgot: the white folks sure are whitey-er...

[lol, there is that... -ed.]

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