September 21, 2007

Wow, Undoboy Mega-Blik Installation Video

Sheesh, I sure love the way the vinyl wall decal thing has taken off. But watching this 2-hour installation of a massive Blik decalscape condensed to 1-minute, I just can't imagine not totally screwing this up somehow. [Not that Kaz had any problems Blikking up the place, of course.]

I guess I just can't imagine two uninterrupted hours, but that's the difference between life After Nursery and life Before Nursery. If the kid's not here yet, spending the evening putting up stickers could become as much a tradition as putting the crib together.

Sweet design, btw.

Undoboy Dreamland Wall Installation [ via notcot]
Undoboy wall decals at Blik []
Previously: Blik/Threadless mashup contest: awesome


Those sure are cute, but why install them at a height at which the kid can peel them off, before he's even walking?

Geez. I swear it took my almost an hour to figure out how to get those Blik decals to peel off the proper side.

btw - not that I am trying to plug, or anything, but you can check out my blog to see my Blik handiwork. Ya know, just in case you're interested...

[you mean these expertly applied Bliks right here? -ed.]

Two hours . . . that's amazing. The last time I did something for two uninterrupted hours, it involved pushing out a baby.

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