February 20, 2007

Baby Tattoos: "FDA and Mother Approved," Dad Vetoed


WTF is with the played out 100-year-old tattoo cliches? Look, if you're gonna tattoo your child, at least get a design that shows a couple of creative synapses are firing up there. I mean, it's gonna be on there forever for a week or so, easy.

A heart that says 'Sofia.' A funny, goth-lettered tramp stamp. Tribal armbands with nipple ends on the barbs. Two Target logos side by side [you know, for lactivists]. Even a Pampers logo, which you tell the checkout clerk at the grocery store is part of the "Free Pampers For Life" promotion, haven't you heard about it? Or how about "Copyright 2006, Nickelodeon Networks, Inc. No unauthorized reproduction"?

Is it so hard? I think not.

As seen on lazy-ass cable TV news segments!: Baby Tattoos, $5 [perpetualkid.com via kaz, who got me worked up enough to post about these things]
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daddy tattoos his kid's handprint on his back
Phil & Teds tattoo
"If found, call this number" temporary kid tattoos


Why get a temp one when you can get a permanent one?

Why would anyone want tats for babies anyway? tatts for adults hell yeah but...
Thats the craziest stipidist thing anybody could do to their child, like, what tha????


i think that it's wrong to tatto your baby!!!!!

it's damm right discusting amd foul!!! it should be against the law!!!

Hey... the kids gonna have a tattoo of a stroller on its shoulder foreva..... its gonna be 80 and... wat now?

Lol you idiots. They're temporary tattoo's in that they dont last forever and wash off. Get off your high horses you bunch of fools.

I have to agree with Jules. Bunch of idiots! Lets make temporary tattoos against the law! Brilliant idea.... Have you all heard of photoshop?

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