October 10, 2005

"If Found, Call This Number" Temporary Tattoos

lost_kid_tattoo.JPGSo the idea behind Tattoos With A Purpose is that they're an unlosable, unobtrusive way to attach your emergency contact information to a kid. Like any other temporary tattoo, TWAP's go on in seconds and last up to 7 days. There's even an option to have custom tattoos, which include your company/theme park/school logo as part of a "safety first" message. Great idea, right?

Turns out having a purpose isn't the same as accomplishing it. The tattoos are a fill-in-the blank; you still have to write your phone number on the kid with a marker. I thought the same thing Melissa's husband on Blogging Baby thought: "why not just use a Sharpie?"

In fact, I almost did this yesterday when I dropped the kid off at the church nursery. In the barely controlled chaos, I was half ready to just write her name and my cell phone number on her forehead rather than wait to check her in with the attendants. But I knew Granddad'd be taking a lot of pictures later, and so...

Tattoos With A Purpose
are $9.99 for a kit with 6 tattoos and a marker.

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