July 9, 2006

The Bizarre Book Contest: T-26 Hours

If you've been itching to write a review of a headscratchingly bizarre children's book, you have about 26 hours to send it into DT's review contest. Come Monday night, the contest will end--though with the backlog, reviews will still be published for a couple of days.

Everyone whose review is published is eligible for the random name-in-a-hat-style drawing for some sweet, sweet prizes from a few cool generous sponsors--and a couple from me:

  • Sparkability's provided a riding toy designed by Philippe Starck. it's called The Face, and it's like the wacked out cousin that the urbane Maclaren By Starck stroller keeps locked in her attic.
  • Javis Davis is offering a custom-made 4-piece crib bedding set. Custom crib bedding being their core competency and all.
  • Modernseed has offered some exclusive reissues of Alexander Girard's midcentury designs on pillows and kids' t-shirts. Perfect for the mini, as they say (and the the mini-modernist).
  • And I'm throwing in some limited-run daddy type t-shirts in experimental colors, and a special Goodnight Moon package, including a first edition, and a copy of Boom Baby Moon, the sick Yuppie-era parody version. Of course, swap out a DVD player for the baby's VCR, and it could've been written yesterday...

    [see full "rules" and descriptions of Modernseed and Javis Davis's prizes.]

  • 1 Comment

    So your child sits on The Face while holding the mustache?! Am I the only one who thinks that's a little freaky?

    [holy moley. you're right. -ed.]

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