June 30, 2006

Prizes And "Rules" For The DT Bizarre Children's Book Contest

So here's the deal--and the prizes. Prizes first, along with a big thanks to the generous providers of said prizes, all of whom you may recognize as current or past advertisers on Daddy Types:

  • a 4-piece custom-made crib set [bumper pad, crib sheet, crib skirt and decorative pillow] from javis davis [javisdavis.com]
  • The Face, by Philippe Starck, as much an art object as a riding toy--wild--provided by Sparkability [sparkability.net]
  • Classic Alexander Girard designs, on pillows and kid-sized T-shirts, newly reissued and exclusively from modernseed [modernseed.com]
  • Goodnight Moon rarities: a hardcover first edition of Goodnight Moon, plus a first [only?] edition copy of the 1993 GM parody, Boom Baby Moon by Sean Kelly & Ron Hauge, provided by--daddytypes.com.
  • daddy type t-shirts [2] in some limited-run colors [sizes and color tbd with the winner, based on availability and what he/she thinks about orange.]

    As for the rules, I think we'll go with the same rules from last summer's book review contest, basically:

  • everyone who sends in a review that gets posted or linked to is eligible to win something.
  • repeat reviews of the same book are fine, so long as they're different/interesting enough. While different, "I think that's bizarre, too!" probably won't make the interesting cut. Other than that, the only reason a review won't get posted is if it's seriously offensive or bad [i.e., off the site's own bad/offensive chart, that is.]
  • the winners will be selected at random from all the entrants, making this more of a drawing than a contest, really.
  • the same terms apply to reviews as any other reader-submitted content around here [i.e., you own it, and let dt license and use it. this isn't some intellectual property grab...]
  • No one's email or info is being harvested, sold, or shared, except that winners will be put directly in touch with prize sponsors.
  • Reviews will be accepted through Monday July 10th, and the winners will be announced by the 12th, or within a couple of days after the last review runs. [As you may have noticed, they're showing up at around 3-4/day, so in case there's a backlog, I want to post them all first. And if it's ghost-town quiet around here for a whole week, well, I'll just chalk it up to people afraid of getting stuck with my used books.]
  • Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Ask away, but remember, I'm both The Decider AND the Supreme Court around here.

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