May 9, 2006

Just Flew In From JPMA, And Boy Are My Arms Tired

All the flushable diapers and organic crib sheets in the world will never be able to make up for the sheer amount of paper waste produced for a trade show. I have easily 25 lbs of press kits and news releases and brochures and catalogues.

And except for the cool, new diaper bag company, O Yikes!, who put out a press DVD--with a small liner note-sized brochure--everyone wrapped their packets in a dizzying array of folders. But even as I marvelled at the pointlessness of it all, I caught myself thinking the "just a press release" and "small brochure" folks were schmucks who missed the ball. So go figure.

Anyway, I've brought a pile of material to post about, so stay tuned over the next couple of days.

And while you're waiting, please note the following stroller-related bullet points:

  • WOW, the Starck Maclaren is GORGEOUS in person.
  • The awesome-looking, awesome-folding Micralite is actually coming to the US. This time. Finally. Looks as interesting as ever.
  • The Phil & Ted's Twin model is just that, for twins. Somehow I didn't pick up on that nuance until today. Instead, I imagined it was just another configuration option for 2-kid families.
  • Bugaboo has a sweet UVB/canopy combo for the Cameleon. Looks VERY cool.
  • Some jogging parents have created a pretty cool adapter that turns a jogging stroller into a hands-free stroller.


    Any word on pricing for the Micralite? We need a smaller umbrella style stroller, but no way we can justify spending the $200+ quoted from the post last year.

    [you'll need to add a few more ++'s on there, I'm afraid. I heard some numbers, not from the source, but they're all pretty close to Bugaboo (Gecko, but still) territory. -ed.]

    Yes, a few more +++s. When we bought the Micralite and all the associated goodies (e.g., bassinet, footmuff, carseat) from England last year, was over $700. A few hundred cheaper than a similarly equipped Bug, and easier to fold up. One big complaint is that you can't recline the seat. Also, hard to fold up during wintertime when have footmuff on. Otherwise, very nice.

    But if are looking for umbrella, get a McClaren; we got one as well for reclining as well as when we expect to use a lot of public transportation. Not as smooth a ride, but still useful. If were doing over again, might just get a Snap 'N Go and McClaren.

    Any information on when Bugaboo will come out with their double stroller?

    Yeah, I was down there, too (see my list of stroller accessories I found per my last email); it's pretty interesting to be a small, irrelevant, parent inventor/buyer - the big stroller companies ask you right away to "leave", because they have an important "meeting" about to start (yeah, ok, "sure"), while the small startups and Dad/Mom-inventors very easily engage in all kinds of great conversation, free samples, lessons learned, etc...THEY are the ones to promote and read about.

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